VEICO quality control ensures high quality products. Our QC system is divided to pre-inspection on all incoming material, in process-inspection and final test of the product.

Incoming Materials inspection
VEICO ensures that components and materials are procured from proven suppliers or as recommended by the clients.  A visual check is carried out to the incoming material subjected to rejection from QC Inspector if there is any non compliance or function.

In-process Inspection
All products manufactured at VEICO are inspected at various stages of  production to control and eliminate non-conformances. The stages requiring in-process inspection have been identified on the basis of previous experience and considering technician \ operator skills.

The following are the in-process inspection stages and the criteria for acceptance and the final inspection and testing is carried out on the basis of IEC 439-1 standard.

1-Mechanical Inspection

The parts, after completion of basic operations such as shearing, notching, drilling, punching, bending etc. are transferred to welding section for processing the mechanical sub-assembly. Mechanical inspection is carried out after the completion of sub assembly in all respects.

The following are the checks carried out at this stage:

• Shape, finish and appearance
• Dimensions as per drawing
• All provisions as per drawing
• Construction to meet IP requirements

Welded joints to be checked for good penetration and free from porosity and under cuts. Lumps and spatters to be ground finished and appearance to be smooth.

All dimensions and provisions shall be as per drawing and the construction shall be suitable to meet the protective index requirement as per drawing.  Any discrepancy observed shall be considered as non-conformance and corrective and/or preventive actions are taken.

2-Painting Inspection
This stage of inspection is carried at painting section, to ensure that the pre-treatment and primer coating are as per the appropriate work instruction and \ or manufacturer’s catalog. The use of the right thinner, primer, color, thickness and smooth finish of coating are ensured before the part is cleared for painting.

The color scheme indicating RAL numbers shall be used for color identification and coating thickness is measured using Elcometer. Customer approved sample shall be used as reference where applicable.


3-Electrical Inspection

This stage of inspection is carried out to ensure that all components, bus bar and wiring layout are as per the drawing requirements. It shall be also be ensured that the clearances as per the specifications are maintained.

Final Inspection

It covers visual inspection, dimensions inspection, mechanical operation and wiring check.

1-Visual Inspection

The following are verified according to approved drawing \ specification:

• Color and finish of product
• Equipment layout
• Equipment specification
• Ventilation provided
• Lifting arrangement
• Insulators, supports, fixing base and barriers
• Ground connectors
• Inner covers, labels
• Tags, lugs crimping with cable ends
• Rating terminal blocks and terminal numbers
• Cable colors and markers


2-Dimensions inspection

The following dimensions are checked as per approved drawing and \ or specification:

•Overall and critical dimensions
•Bus bar dimensions
•Support distance
•Cable Sizes
•Spacing between live parts, line and ground

3-Mechanical Operation

The following mechanical operations are manually checked:
•Operations of equipment
•Door hinges and locks
•Tightness of fasteners and joints

4-Wiring Check

Point to point wiring and continuity checks are carried out as per the wiring diagram \ drawing

5-Insulation Resistance Test

Insulation Resistance shall be checked
a.  Between phases
b.  Between phases and neutral
c.  Between each phase and earth

Insulation resistance of the panel shall be 100 Mega ohms minimum.

6-HV Test

High voltage of 2.5kV shall be applied for 1 minute
a. Between phases
b. Between phases and neutral
c. Between each phase and earth

During the above tests control circuits and instrumentation shall be disconnected.

7-Functional Test

The schemes, circuits and functions are verified and tested according to wiring diagram \ drawing QC inspection and test records are prepared and maintained as record for inspection and testing. Test certificate is issued to customer against specific request \ as per contract. A final inspection check list shall be issued in advance if required by customer.